In My Mailbox #56

This week marked both the beginning of my holidays and the first day on work experience, luckily it'll keep me occupied on the holidays and still leave plenty of free time over the new year. I'm hoping to get a few books for christmas and maybe even an e-reader but we'll have to wait and see what santa brings me! For more information on the blogopsheres obession with In My Mailbox, check out The Story Siren.

In Order of Excitement:
There's Cake in My Future | The Lover's Dictionary
I'm truly surprised that a wedding novel has caught my eye but CAKE in my FUTURE just looks so cute. So far I've read four books written by David Levithan, so it's safe to say I'm a fan and I'd love to know more about LOVER'S DICTIONARY but so far it's coming across as a story story novel for Valentine's Day.

The Secret Lives of Dresses | The Unidentified
SECRET LIVES completes the succession of adult novels for today but there just seems to be so many interesting ones released lately. I've read a couple novels where the government transforms our every day lives into technological mayhem and this looks like it could be another good title to add to that shelf.

Unfortunately, I've already read a couple of the PLL series books and caught the entire first season of the television show but the brand new cover of this book makes me want to re-read it asap. You should see the blood drooling from the cover of BLOODY VALENTINE in real life, it's amazing how much effort has gone into the style of this book!

The Unwritten Rule by Elizabeth Scott 
He's looking at me like—well, like he wants to look at me. Like he likes what hes sees, and he's smiling and hiw eyes are so blue, even in the faint flow of the porch light they shine, and I nod dumbly, blindly, and then grope for the door handle, telling myself to look away and yet not able to do it. "Sara," he says, softly, almost hesitantly, and my heart slam-bangs, beating hard, and this is what it's like to want someone you can't have. To want someone you shouldn't even be looking at.

I've been wanting to order THE UNWRITTEN RULE for so long now, luckily my library got in a copy recently. It' a much thinner book than I expected but I'm sure it'll live up to the authors usual greatness as I saw in Something, Maybe not too many months ago.

Q: What are your favourite genres besides Young Adult?

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