Music Appreciation Class // In Rainbows by Radiohead

As mentioned earlier, I am taking a pledge to listen to the greatest albums of all time. The first album is by alternative rock band Radiohead, it is their seventh studio album entitled In Rainbows.

It really wasn't a great start in what seems like it might be a long haul, I found In Rainbows to be made up of random noises that were uninteresting and ultimately gave me a headache.

Sorry to anyone who likes this but it doesn't really seem like it's for me. I don't understand how they are the first artist on this list.

It is definately atmospheric and can see people using this as background music, but anyone paying too much attention will definately want to change the cd.

How does he manage to reproduce this live, it seriously sounds like random moans...

I gave it two full listens from start to finish then proceeded to listen to the "best" tracks according to, by which time I could not stand to hear it anymore.

Overall feeling: Bland, Random Noises, Atmospheric, Background Music, Moaning, Wailing.

Next up: Coldplay - A Rush of Blood to the Head

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