TOP 5 // Secrets to Blogging 101

I have been blogging for exactly...
2 years, 11 months and 21 days
and in that time I've learnt a few things. I'll also admit I still have a lot to learn and I'm mystified on a daily basis by the bloggers with millions upon millions of readers.

My Top Tips for Blogging Successfully


I find that I can sit at the computer all day and not write a single word yet the hour I'm due to log off is when I get a wave of inspiration. The key is to get as much work done in this time without slacking off on social / family responsibilities.


I personally think I'd be an amazing editor. I love reading through text while fixing up the grammar and spelling errors. Yet, I've learnt to try and switch off my editing abilities until the bulk of the writing is done otherwise I completely lose my train of thought and never end up completing the blog post.


It's where you'll find 99% of your inspiration. It's why you'll strive to be a better blogger. It's where you'll learn things, earn new readers and make new friends. Oh, and also credit the original blogger whether it be for a tiny little idea, meme or photo… otherwise things can get real nasty.


If you spend your time day in, day out writing your blog and not much else, you'll soon hit a wall and almost start to hate on your blog when all you really want is an amazing creative outlet where you can share your thoughts and feelings on a variety of topics. It can sometimes be hard to multi-task between your blog and a personal life but one without the other does not add up.


I often have a multi-tide of ideas that come tumbling at me all at once. The goal here is to prioritise and finish an entire blog post first before moving onto anything else. You'll find yourself coming back to the post tomorrow with no idea of how to wrap it up, so it becomes a complete waste of time.

Q: What techniques do you find work best when writing for your blog? What advice would you give to new bloggers?

M.I.A // Life Update // University

I'm usually the first to frown upon bloggers who write MIA posts, yet here I am today with a perfectly suitable reason for taking a short hiatus of my own.

It's only really been a couple months break but it feels like decades to me. I just miss blogging so much and will hopefully be back with renewed energy sooner rather than later.

I've been spending the majority of time researching a whole heap of career options but also applying to university. Yes, you heard it hear first because truthfully, I've been too bloody insecure to share it with anyone important in my everyday life.

I've been taking a preparation class, attending interviews, writing applications and I was also required to take the STAT as a mature-age student Can you believe at twenty-two, I fit into such a category? It's taken me a little while to adjust but now it just rolls off my tongue like yesterdays news.

Along the way, I realised I would like to become a primary school teacher. STOP THE PRESS! It's taken me an incredibly long time to come to this decision but I feel content with it now, and if it doesn't work out there is always early childhood education. 

I've been reading lots about students who just don't have a career path mapped out for the rest of the lives at age 17 and it's given me lots of inspiration to move on from my crappy high school experience. I've also got pinterest to thank, I would never have taken it as seriously if I hadn't created a pinboard about my goal to attend uni one day and eventually study abroad.

It's funny how things work out really, I've been reviewing Young Adult novels on my blog for a few years now and it's actually turned out to have helped with my application process. I'm also not as fearful of the dreaded university essay after having built my writing skills with reviews and this blog.

There have been lots of little hints along the way that a career in teaching is for me but mostly I see it as fate as I've always enjoyed spending time with kids and being in the classroom. I can also remember little moments of yearning when school friends and other bloggers have mentioned their primary degree plus I've had a couple people recommend the career to me over the years based on my personality.

How was it taken me this long to realise you ask? I have no idea. I've been drowning myself in books, music, tv and movies and I'm noticing it more lately but hopefully I get into one of the 12 courses I've applied to and will be on to bigger and better things for the future.

Wish Me Luck

Q: What did you/will you study at college/university? How did you narrow down your course options?

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