Cover Crush #1


It's a nice enough cover, but it seems to put the book in a younger age bracket than I expected it to fall into. I felt A Field Guide for Heartbreakers was a step up from some of the fluffy YA books out there and with a few changes could even fit into the Adult category. Whatever category it fits into, I enjoyed it thoroughly and was glad that it introduced me to quite a few new words.

I'd recommend this to anyone wanting to be a YA writer, as the two girls go abroad to a writing workshop and much of the story talks about writing techniques. Don't be put aside by that comment though, as I am not an aspiring writer and really enjoyed the fresh take on YA, I'd describe it as a more mature version of Twenty Boy Summer with quite a few lush guys to drool over, there is also plenty of conflict between best friends, mothers-and-daughter's, roommates and boyfriends.


  1. It sounds great and I love the cover (it doesn't seem particularly young to me). I've added it to my list - thank you!

  2. The cover is very girl & cute!! It makes me want icecream lol

  3. Ooh, pretty cover, thanks for the recommendation!

  4. Such an adorable cover and the premise sounds fab also!


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