Welcome to another edition of 5x5 Q's, this week we're chatting to Chantelle from Fat Mum Slim!
Q: What would you most like to accomplish in the future? There are lots of little things that I’d love to do in the future; travel, health, blogging, career, life, family. But generally speaking, I just want to live each and everyday of my life. To be grateful. To be content. And to spend lots of time with the ones I love, and live life without regret.

Q: What would you buy with a million dollars? Remember when a million dollars seemed like SO much money. Now houses are close to that much? Anyway… I’d buy us a pool, renovate a few things at home, and a trip to Disney World. Now to buy a lotto ticket…

Q: What is your favourite snack food? It changes all the time, but at the moment I’m addicted to Peckish Rice Crackers. Yum.

Q: What do you want to be when you grow up? Happy!

Q: What’s on your wish list? At the moment I’m dreaming of a new laptop, a new handbag and a block of dairy-free chocolate that actually tastes good.

Now, it's Chantelle's chance to ask me a few questions... 
Q: Do you think the world will be better or worse in 100 years time? Why? We've come so far in the past hundred years with technology, I think we can only improve for the better. It's easy to say, we're all doomed based on the sci-fi movies we all love to hate but I am going to take the positive route and say we'll be just fine :)

Q: What's the last thing you ate? I actually just had some chicken noodle soup as I'm recovering from a wisdom tooth extraction. It's much more painful than I expected and a numb jaw makes it impossible to eat anything other than soup!
Q: When someone pushes in, do you say something to them? Depends on the person and the mood I'm in, sometimes I'll be like... hey, buddy "insert serious face", other times it'll be an elderly person and I'll let it slide but it's kind've sad that we STILL have to remind people to have manners on a daily basis.

Q:  Have you ever been in an ambulance? I'm the exact opposite of accident prone. I've never had a broken bone and don't plan on ever adding it to my bucket list.

Q: Who owes you money? Nobody :) It was my new years resolution to stop lending money to frequent borrowers and now I'm much more happier. Although, I do owe a little bit of rent at the end of this month, haha!
Let me know if you'd also like to participate in 5x5 Q's!

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