Waiting on Wednesday #31

My Not-So-Still Life by Liz Gallagher
Released: 10th May 2011
I'm not much of an art fan but Vanessa sounds like a wonderfully, quirky character who'll be fun to read about and I can't wait to see where the mysterious James leads her and what her adventures are like working in an environment she loves.

Summary from Goodreads: Vanessa is wise beyond her years. She's never really fit in at school, where all the kids act and dress the same. She's an artist who expresses her talent in the wacky colors she dyes her hair, her makeup and clothes. She's working on her biggest art project, and counting the days until she's grown up and can really start living. That adult world seems closer when Vanessa gets her dream job at the art supply store, Palette, where she worships the couple who runs it, Oscar and Maye. And she's drawn to a mysterious guy named James, who leads her into new, sometimes risky situations. Is she ready for this world, or not?

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