Review: Glitz

Glitz by Philana Marie Boles
Release Date: February 3rd 2011
Review: While I'm always looking for the latest novel centering on music, GLITZ would fit more squarely with an appreciator of hip-hop. If you've ever been an over-the-top fan of a certain band or musician, you'll relate to these two girls wanting to get up close and personal with Piper MC and his crew, the girls not only meet him backstage but manage to travel on the road with the group for a few days. Ann Michelle feels totally out of her depth having bailed on her grannies curfew to support her best friend as she aims for the stars with her singing career.

For the first half of the novel, I was seriously considering why musicians trying to make their way up in the biz would be bothering with a couple of teenage schoolgirls but a few things come to light later on that not only shock but explain what's going on in the background. I was almost annoyed at how many times Ann-Michelle ignored her instincts to continue on the road-trip, if it was me I would've turned right around when the shots broke out at the party house but it's not until a major milestone happens that sets her mind right to return home.

Raquel isn't an easily liked character, she's super-confident and willing to step on almost anyones toes to get her name in lights. She doesn't mind stealing credit cards or bad-mouthing the guys in the band who have helped along her career in the tiniest bit just to get where she wants to be.

Overall, this novel casts a dark light on the music industry of today and while it was an easy read, I failed to completely connect with the characters. The fact that this novel has received so little attention online is a clear statement as to whether you should pick up this book.


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