Review: The Jumbee

The Jumbee by Pamela Keyes 
Review: If you can imagine visiting a Caribbean Island to see a school play of Romeo & Juliet where there has been recent sightings of a ghost, you'll already have a fair idea of what this book is going to be like. Basically we have Esti whose father recently past away and hopes to live on his talent through acting, her love interest and former childhood friend, Rafe and Alan a curious character who keeps us guessing right until the end.

I have to tell the truth and say that initially I wasn't too psyched about reading this book simply based on the cover and the quick look I had at the summary but my expectations were changed throughout and I can clearly remember skipping past my deadline when I came to the climax at the end of the second section of the book, I just couldn't wait to see what the secret would be revealed as.

You don't usually expect to find three topics so vast in one book but The Jumbee manages to combine superstitions, a love triangle and an adoration for theatre all in one and it's tied together well enough that you'll be on Esti's heels, pushing her to make the right decisions many times over.

I would've preferred if the local language wasn't as regularly featured in the book as it became a little tedious for me to keep deciphering the phrases but I'm sure it's all very realistic as the author spent time living on an island not unlike the one mentioned here.

I did find out a little later on that the book was meant to be a modern retelling of The Phantom of the Opera and although I did pick up on something much greater built into the characters, it didn't really alter my experience as I'm not too familiar with the original play or novel.

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