Review: Noah’s Law

Noah’s Law by Randa Abdel-Fattah
Release Date: 1st November 2010
Authors Previous Work:
- Does My Head Look Big In This?
- Ten Things I Hate About Me
- Where the Streets Had a Name

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Review: There is nothing like going into a novel with total comfort and familiarity for the authors previous work and that's exactly how I felt about Noah's Law. From the moment I flicked open the cover, I could already see the humour flowing from the page and was quite curious how things would turn out for the male protagonist and his court room proceedings.

It all begins with sixteen year old Noah, a generally good guy who loves getting up to mischief just for a laugh only this time he ends up doing six weeks work experience at his Aunt's law firm in the hopes that it'll teach him some maturity and manners. The only problem is, his father doesn't expect him to enjoy the time delving through cases when he's meant to be tackling the ever important task of photocopying multiple court forms.

While having recently gone through a divorce, Noah's family are generally the loving kind that anyone would enjoy spending time with. I especially enjoyed the mini court hearings his lawyer-father would hold whenever the kids wanted extra time in-front of the telly or simply got sick of taking out the trash and I think this is one of the reasons Noah looks up to his father so much and secretly wants to become a lawyer himself.

Of course there is a love interest to keep us guessing and while Jacinta is a Uni student working at the law firm, she is still quite young enough to enjoy time with Noah and his best mate Amit as they get extremely caught up in a case involving a questionable character claiming money for his wife's untimely death and while it might not seem like the most interesting case in the world, I was actually caught up the courtroom debacles entirely as it provides plenty of major twists and turns for the novel.

With the mentioning of a courtroom, I'm sure this book will attract young fans of CSI or Law & Order but I'm hoping a few other people take a chance on it as it kept me guessing right until the end and explained the impossible legal jargon in the most perfect way possible.


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