Thanksgiving for an Australian

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In my updates today, I noticed a whole lot of Thanksgiving posts. Thanksgiving doesn't really mean much to an Australian but it brings upon images of turkey and family get-togethers. I could simply look this up, but I'd rather know what it actually means to you. I, however spent the day listening to Tegan and Sara and being hounded by family members about what I'd like for Christmas, of course I could not come up with anything.

What does Thanksgiving actually mean to you?


  1. Thanksgiving is a day to sit back with my family and enjoy a lavish dinner. We eat and spend time together reflecting on our lives and every little thing we have to be thankful for.

    I also use it as an excuse to pig out on pumpkin pie, haha. :)

  2. I love to get together with my family and boyfriend's family so Thanksgiving is a lot of fun for me, just to be surrounded by so many people I love. It's a good day to just relax and pig out, and look around at all my blessings--there's so many of them!

  3. Happy Thanksgiving!:)

  4. Thanksgiving in Canada isn't a huge deal either. It was like a month and a half ago already. To Americans, Thanksgiving is more important than Christmas. I talked to one American once while I was in a different province and they were completely shocked that I wasn't going to be home for it. My family usually has a turkey and a good meal but we don't have relatives over or anything.

  5. Woah, christmas is pretty much the event of the year for us. And woah a month ago? I saw like 10 posts in a row all from different blogs on the one day so i just figured it was thanksgiving day, anyway.


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