(ARC) Tours: The Nightmarys

The Nightmarys by Dan Poblocki | Timothy July has a secret. And it’s giving him nightmares. Abigail Tremens has a problem. Her nightmares are haunting her…while she is awake. When they team up for a school project, they don’t realize that Abigail’s past and Timothy’s present are making them the target of a terrible curse. A curse that turns their worst fears to reality. But their fears are just the beginning. The curse stems from a strange artifact that gains strength by devouring a human soul. And it needs to feed again. Dan Poblocki (author of The Stone Child) has written another bone-chilling page-turner to give you goose bumps. It’s the kind of book best read on a bright afternoon…which may keep your own nightmares at bay.

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  1. Laurie's Review | NY *Sent 8th Sept.
  2. Amanda's Review | MI *Rec'd 11th, Sent 17th Sept.
  3. Tracee | WI *Rec'd 30th Sept.
  4. Maddie | MN *Awaiting Book
  5. Eva | DE
  6. Melanie | Essex, UK
  7. Jessica | Berkshire, UK
  8. Rebecca | NZ
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  10. 2 SPOT OPEN
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