(ARC) Tours: The Ivy

The Ivy by Lauren Kunze & Rina Onur 

Freshman year at Harvard--glamorous parties, blossoming friendships, steamy romances, and scandalous secrets. Skip the campus tour and get right to the good stuff: classes are for scoping guys (and their Facebook profiles), not taking notes. The library is for study dates (the medieval history stacks get a lot of action), not studying. And success is a 4.0 GPA... plus getting into the most exclusive parties. How will Callie--a California girl with brains, beauty, and big dreams--and her three roommates survive? 

Get admitted to The Ivy, the first book in a provocative new series about the world of the Ivy League. the centuries-old Witches' War that surrounds them all.

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  1. JL's Review | PA, USA *Rec'd 27th Aug
  2. Crystal's Review | NC, USA *Sent 30th Sept
  3. Kerleisha | GA, USA *Rec'd 8th Oct
  4. Caitlin | WV, USA *Awaiting Book
  5. Andrea | PA, USA
  6. Taryn | IN, USA
  7. Katherine | ON, Canada
  8. Holly | VIC, Australia
  9. ?
  10. 2 SPOTS OPEN
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