New Covers #4

From the moment a summary is released, I am excited but the overview coming to life in  a cover is a whole different experience and from that point on I know whether it will be a hit or miss for me (on the odd occasion it doesn't receive a few bad reviews!) So here are a couple of covers I'm keeping my eye on...


All You Get Is Me by Yvonne Prinz | From the author of The Vinyl Princess comes a tale of a teenage girl who is transported from her city life and forced to sell figs at a farmers market on a daily basis. Her only saving grace is the camera around her neck which happens to capture a crime that will set the town into uproar. 

I'll be checking this one out for reasons other than the awesome first name of the main character - Roar.

Subway Girl by P. J. Converse | A language barrier may effect some but not Simon and Amy who meet on a flight and understand each other perfectly despite the fact they speak Chinese and English, respectively. The summary promises quite a few serious issues such as cultural differences, unwanted pregnancy and friendship, we'll have to see what to make of it in March 2011. 

This doesn't seem like your average YA tale but I'm willing to check it out for the awesomeness it promises.

Rival by Sara Bennett-Wealer  | The story has been told many times before - two girls who were best friends in their younger years are now rivals due to a minor conflict at a crucial stage in their life. It's now senior year and they compete for popularity and a music scholarship but is a friendship between the two lingering in the background? I'm holding out on whether this turns out to be a mediocre version of every other girl vs girl teen moral story.

Invincible Summer by Hannah Moskowitz | Chase's family have spent every summer at a sun-drenched beach house but now he has to come to grips with the dissolution of his family and a chaotic love triangle where he is pitted against his younger brother in pursuit of the girl next door. Moskowitz, a teenage author promises a sexy, page-reading title in her second YA release.

Q: What is your favourite new cover?

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