(ARC) Tours: Rhymes with Cupid

Rhymes with Cupid by Anna Humphrey | Rhymes with Cupid and is about a girl named Elyse who, after a terrible heartbreak last Valentine’s day, has sworn off dating as well as celebrating the February 14th holiday. Both things are a bit of a problem, though, since a) she works at a gift & stationery store, surrounded by tacky, sparkly cards and annoying singing Cupid dolls and b) she ends up meeting this guy named Patrick who works in the same mall and is her new neighbour and her driving instructor and is really cute and incredibly charming… which, you know, might be okay except for the whole ‘sworn off dating’ thing and the fact that he seems to be into her best friend.

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  1. Cindy | CA *awaiting book
  2. Kathy | UT
  3. Nely | FL
  4. Amanda | TN
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  6. Andrea | PA
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  8. Tammy | Africa
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