Review: You Wish by Mandy Hubbard

Title: You Wish
Author: Mandy Hubbard
Genre: YA - Romance
Date: August 5th 2010
Publisher: RazorBill
Source: Book Swap

Review: YOU WISH is possibly the most adorable novel I've ever read, I especially loved the glistening pink cover with it's brightly-coloured pony sitting atop an enticing iced cupcake that almost promises to take you on a wild ride of the best childhood memories. 

While regrettably celebrating her sweet sixteenth, Kayla can't help but think of all the disappointments in her life and at the exact moment of blowing out her candles, she hopes for all her birthday wishes to finally come true.

The very next day Kayla is awoken by a bright-pink My Little Pony outside her bedroom window and can only imagine it to be a terrible tie-dye prank of her younger brother but day after day, she realises each of her birthday wishes are finally being brought to life with astounding results and it immediately has her hankering for their disappearance.

I'd have to agree with most other reviewers on the unveiling of each and every birthday wish to be the highlight of the novel. I just adored the idea of a childhood barbie obsession coming full-circle when a larger than life Ken doll rocks up at Kayla's door with an uber personality to take Raggedy-Ann out on a hot date. It seemed like something straight out of the latest Toy Story movie and I can just imagine the younger audiences enjoying it immensely.

Overall, I am extremely pleased with the hilariously quirky themes throughout this novel and commend the author for her awesome creativity. I can only hope Mandy Hubbard is currently working on something just as irresistable, as her current novels seem to be pretty uninspiring.


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