Day 4: Fave Book From A Series

Memes are fun! Well, some of them are at least. That's why I'm participating in the 30 Day Meme I stumbled across at Chimneys and Magic.
Day Four - Fave Book From A Series
As I featured The Hunger Games yesterday, I thought I'd branch out today by featuring another of my fave books from a series - Shiver by Maggie Stiefver. To tell you the truth, I was always doubtful of this series but luckily the captivating cover finally won me over so much that I ended up reading all three books consecutively which made for an even more intense and enjoyable read.  

I'm also quietly confident about the film adaptation planned for late two-thousand twelve, I can't wait to see who will be cast as Grace, Sam, Isabel & Cole.
Perfect Chemistry by Simone Elkeles

Q: What is your favourite book from a series?

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