Review: The Wolves of Mercy Falls


THE WOLVES OF MERCY FALLS is an entirely captivating series unlike any other. As I tend to keep my distance from the ever-so popular paranormal genre, I see it as pure luck and a fondness for beautiful covers that lead me to initially pick up SHIVER then following on with LINGER and FOREVER within mere weeks. 

Maggie Stiefver weaves an instantly believable tale of werewolves who roam the woods of Mercy Falls in winter while shifting into their human forms each summer. 

Grace Brisbane has always felt an instant attraction to the yellow-eyed wolf who saved her from an attack many years ago, he has since visited her from a distance on many occasions but it isn't until a messy shooting leaves Sam in the care of the girl he has always shared an eerie connection with that their relationship really starts to kick off. 

After only just finishing up The Hunger Games, I never expected to find another series so worthy of high praise. I find the intensity and writing quality to be almost identical in both and wish to find many more similar reading experiences. 

It's safe to say, I love these three books and now eagerly await the film adaption in late two-thousand twelve. I encourage all fans of romance and/or paranormal to do themselves a favour and set aside a few hours for the ride that begins with a shiver.

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