Introducing... The Reward Challenge

For as long as I've been a reading fanatic, I've always felt the guilt of wanting to buy many more books while already having a mini-library at home. After chatting with The Tea Mouse about the various book buying bans we've both attempted, I have been inspired to set an insanely awesome challenge for myself and anyone else who wants to reward themselves for each and every book they read!

The Reward Challenge is almost the complete opposite to a book buying ban as you'll end up buying lots of new books throughout the challenge but only after you've completed a certain amount of reading.

Stage 1      Read ONE Book       =      Buy ONE Book
Stage 2      Read TWO Books     =      Buy ONE Book
Stage 3      Read THREE Books
  =      Buy ONE Book
Stage 4      Read FOUR Books
    =      Buy ONE Book
Stage 5      Read FIVE Books
     =      Buy ONE Book
a n d   s o   o n . . . 

The most committed participants will be rewarded for their efforts with the official prizes available below, I'll be keeping an eye out for the greatest progress in the monthly link-up on my blog.

Official Prizes:
It's key to remember, you'll be rewarding yourself with each book you complete but it wouldn't be a proper blog challenge without a pre-order from TBD which, of course means INTERNATIONAL ENTRANTS are welcome!

t h e   b o o k   o f   y o u r   c h o i c e   f r o m   t h e   b o o k   d e p o s i t o r y!

To begin this challenge...
- complete any book from your reading pile + reward yourself with a book purchase.
- put together a blog post entitled "reward challenge - stage #1"
- then link it up here :)

Good Luck + Be Sure To Leave a Comment If You're Participating :)

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