(ARC) Tour: Dreams of Significant Girls

Dreams of Significant Girls by Cristina Garcia | Brought together each summer at a boarding school in Switzerland, three girls learn a lot more than just French and European culture. Shirin, an Iranian princess; Ingrid, a German-Canadian eccentric; and Vivien, a Cuban-Jewish New Yorker culinary phenom, are thrown into eachother's lives when they become roommates. This is a story of 3 paths slowly beginning to cross and merge as they spend the year apart, but the summers together. Through navigating the social-cultural shoals of the school, developing their adolescence, and learning the confusing and conflicting legacies of their families' past, Shirin, Ingrid, and Vivien form an unbreakable bond.
Like The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants, this story takes readers on a journey into the lives of very different girls and the bonds that keep them friends.

  1. Aliyah | NJ
  2. Lindsay | PA
  3. Jessica | IL
  4. Shannon | KY
  5. Tara | UT
  6. Emma | NV
  7. Ivy | CA
  8. Jenna | CA
  9. Jessica | WA
  10. Nichole | AUS
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