Review: Forgotten by Cat Patrick

Aussie Cover

by Cat Patrick
Release Date: June 7th 2011
Review: Having only just completed the awe-inspiring Anna and the French Kiss, it says multitudes that I'm already raving about FORGOTTEN. A June 2011 novel centering on teenager London Lane who has a regrettable memory issue that may seem familiar to those of us who saw the 2004 Adam Sandler comedy, 50 First Dates. You'll be glad to hear, the two are hardly alike as London manages a pretty normal lifestyle considering her memory resets itself at 4:33AM every morning due to a car accident induced coma. She confronts the issue with furious note-taking and studying her journal each morning with fierce determination only seen in SAT season.

To make matters worse (or more interesting for the reader), London also gets glimpses into the future. She knows exactly what will happen if her best friend, Jamie starts up a relationship with their Driving Ed teacher but sees not even a tidbit of her future with Luke, a new student at school who captures London's attention from the get-go but around the same time, she also starts seeing a particular funeral scene in her visions revealing darker secrets each time around.
UK Cover

I tend to find most novels are almost secretive as to what matters will be faced by their protagonists, but this book picks out one very unique and interesting problem and then unravels it amongst many relatable issues faced by teens everywhere. Keep an eye out for this title as I'm sure it'll be a hit with enough romance and mystery to keep even the best of us interested. 

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