In My Mailbox #60

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This Week I Received:
The Ghost and the Goth #1 | Across the Universe
Both of these books look awesome, I've heard so many good things about ACROSS from fans who aren't usually into this type of genre just like me but after reading the first chapter, I know I'm going to love it. GHOST looks awesome and I'm shocked it's taken me this long to even get close to reading it but now I'm torn on whether to add the ARC or regular copy to my reading pile.

Slayed | It Happened One Summer | The Twin's Daughter
I haven't heard much about IT HAPPENED, it's more of a chick-lit novel in an interesting cover/format that I haven't really seen before. TWINS has a much darker theme than I expected so I'm thinking it'll be a little less my style and it'll take a lot for me to get into the vampires of SLAYED so it'll probably sit on my shelf for awhile.

Q: Which of these books would you enjoy the most?

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