2012 Aussie BFF Romance Novel

Everything Left Unsaid by Jessica Davidson
Review: There isn't much you need to know about this book before I recommend you go out and buy a copy. Everything Left Unsaid is such an addictive and refreshingly realistic novel that I feel it could be enjoyed by almost anyone.

Tai and Juliet have been best friends since kindy but only just discover a romantic fondness for each-other in their final year of school when graduation and uni are on the cards and a semi-adult life is about to begin. All of this comes to a sudden halt when Tai finally goes for a check-up on a reoccurring headache that has been bothering him for quite some time. It turns out Tai has a brain tumour and with a couple rounds of chemotherapy and a surgery, he may be able to live for a few more months.

I'm not usually one to be drawn to such a morbid sounding novel but I just couldn't resist the idea of this Aussie YA novel. I'm really glad I got a chance to read this book as it's such a quick and easy read with a roller-coaster of emotions and a few teary moments thrown in near the end. I even found myself bringing Everything Left Unsaid along on each and every outing in the hopes of getting stuck in a queue at some point during the day and having even more time to spend reading this book.

I especially loved how Jessica Davidson included lots of little Australianisms which made it an even more enjoyable novel for me. I'm sure it'd work just as well worldwide with such an addictive story-line.

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