Round-Up: May Day Contest Spree

Just thought I'd share with you the amazingness that was the May Day Contest Spree, it ran from April 16th - July 31st 2010 and was a major learning curve for myself and a huge milestone for my blog, I can't help to think of all the people on the list below who felt joy from winning a book! I'd like to thank everyone who donated a book or swag to this contest, I've now gone on to hold many similar events such as The All In Giveaway, Another Spectacular Giveaway and there will be one more coming in September 2010 :)

May Day Contest Spree Winners:
16th May: Monsters of Men by Patrick Ness - Bianca, Ruth & Amy
17th May: This Gorgeous Game by Donna Freitas - Ammietia
18th May: Daisy Whitney swag - Burbuja
19th May: C.J. Omololu bookmarks - IffathSaraDarlynCindy CJoyson
20th May: Jennifer Hubbard bookmarks - Brianna, Taylor, Holly, Rica & Jenna
21st May: Coteau 10 Book Pack - Andrea
22nd May: Signed Karma Club - Bere
22nd May: Karma Club Samplers - Yan, Elizabeth, Angie, Bookmac, Kelsey
23nd May: I Wanna Be Your Joey Ramone - Brizmus
24th May: Restoring Harmony: Kelsey
24th May: Soulless: Kate
25th May: Such A Pretty Girl: Mandy, Jacqueline C
26th May: Swati Avasthi Swag: Michelle
27th May: Jessica's Guide To Dating On The Dark Side: Glada
28th May: Fairest Of Them All: Allison
28th May: Della Says OMG: Josephine
29th May: Reality Check: Raelena, Jill, Lena, Dani, Crystal
30th May: Body Finder Swag: Julie
1st June: Chasing Brooklyn: Sara, Brodie
2nd June: The Snowball Effect: Alannah
3rd June: Sometimes We're Always Real Same-Same: Katelyn
4th June: Saving Maddie: Rebecca
5th June: 10 Book Pack: Jessica
6th June: Strange Angels & Betrayals: Tasha
7th June: Magic Study: Jessica
8th June: How To Take The Ex Out Of Boyfriend: Hattie
9th June: SLARS: Jennie, bclement412, Debbie, Elizabeth, Kisah
10th June: The Unwritten Rule: Lauren
11th June: $65 Buyster Gift Voucher: deltree
12th June: Wintercraft: Maria
13th June: Gamers Quest: Shah
14th June: Borderline: Linda
15th June: Ballads of Suburbia: kittenlover03, Sab, Jessica, Ashley
16th June: The Rock and The River: Jessica, April, Melanie, Christine
18th June: 4 Book Pack: Lara
20th June: About A Girl: Bianca
21st June: 3 Book Pack: Lena
27th June: Tome Of The Undergates: Aik
29th June: Thou Shalt Not: Missy
31st June: Susane Colasanti: Nancye

This is also where you can bug me if you didn't receive your prize, please let me know if this has happened so I can re-contact publishers/authors for you :)

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