Review: She's So Dead to Us

Kate Brian of Private fame falls under the radar with her alter-ego Kieran Scott who delves into the lives of Cresties vs Norms.
My Review: What we have here is a rich girl whose family gets run out of town when her father loses a whole lot of other peoples money causing divorce, the selling of beach houses and lack of university funds for many of Ally's friends. After a year, Ally's mum decides it's time to go back to Orchard Hill even if they have to live at the crappy end of town.

What's the first thing you would do if came back to your old town? Check out your old house and see whose living there now and whether they've completely demoralized all your childhood memories. There happens to be a very cute boy now living in her old bedroom who fully enjoys the use of Ally's basketball court that her dad built for her a couple of birthdays back. Jake challenges her to a match and from then on they are secretly smitten with each other.

The only problem is Jake has not only lived in her house for the past year but has also spent his time filling the void in Ally's old group of friends and of course, this deems Ally off-limits for dating. What follows is Ally pushing away and pulling at the chance of being back with her old friends. 

Unfortunately Kate Scott's alter-ego Kieran Scott fell flat for me, I just didn't seem to connect with this book and could've either kept on reading or left this behind halfway through, luckily I kept on reading and am able to form a proper opinion of it now.

Let's start with Jake, the "hot" love interest of Ally who is too scared to reveal his true feelings to his friends so he takes every chance he can to kiss Ally in hiding. For future reference, drool-worthy love interests are preferred please. We Want (believable) Perfection! I did however, really like Ally and how confident she was but some of the stuff she gets involved with really made me roll my eyes at the (supposed) high life. 

The Backslappers for one is my main issue however minor in the book, it takes cheerleading to another level. A group of girls formally brought together to pep up the boys of the Soccer team ie. spending hours decorating their lockers and baking them sweet goods. If this truly goes in high schools in America, I would seriously be embarrassed. 

She's So Dead to Us is basically an extremely long first half of a book because it ends on a major cliffhanger and I'm yet to find any actual evidence of a sequel so it looks like those of us who will be picking it up will have to wait a while to find out the result of Ally's choices. This wasn't a terribly unenjoyable read, I would still recommend picking this up if you connect extremely well with the summary but if it's a hit or miss for you, i'd do the latter.


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