Bookish Rec: Q&A Diary

How cute is this little diary? I could hardly resist buying it off Amazon just a second ago. A very momentous event as it's my first purchase from the website so now I'll be able to share my YA book reviews with their community. Yay!

I would never have discovered this book if it weren't for a brilliant post by The Dainty Squid so I'm also going to pay it forward in the hopes of others also loving the idea behind this book, just like I did.

Basically, it's a five year journal for those of us who are lacking creativity. There is a question for each day of the year and the opportunity to answer each question five times, over a number of years. Imagine reading back your answers in 5, 10 or even years time and spotting the changes in opinion. Or better yet, imagine the next generation discovering this little book in years to come and being wonderfied at the differing answers.

A Sample of the Questions:
Q: What's your favourite television show?
Q: What's a new place you've recently been to?
Q: What's the oldest thing you're wearing today?
Q: What are you reading right now?
Q: What "type" of person are you?
Q: What motivated you today?

Is anyone else completing a diary similar to this? I've been inspired by the many list-making books out in the world right now and even thought about buying a travel journal just the other day but I think this will fill my creativity quota for now. Let me know of your experiences :)

♥ holly

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