In My Mailbox #70

Even though I've been a little bit preoccupied lately and haven't had much time to update my blog, I can gladly say that I'm making great headway with my reading stack having finished two books in the past that sat on my shelf for way too long. I'm really enjoying PINK by Lili Wilkinson atm and be sure to look out for my average rating review of STAY by Deb Caletti. TY to Kristi from The Story Siren for starting up our wonderful IMM feature :)

  • Beauty Queens by Libba Bray | Can you believe I'm yet to read a Libba Bray novel? I know shocking but I'm glad to have this one as my first even if it has a horrid cover.
  • Love Story by Jennifer Echols | Oh, how I loved FORGET YOU... so you can see why I was brimming with joy when I opened a surprise delivery of this novel. I'll definitely be reading this one next up. 
  • Black Painted Fingernails by Steven Herrick | I love Aussie YA, there's nothing better than being able to relate to a novel on a deeper level because of the instant familiarity with locations, trends and slang so I'm sure I'll enjoy this tale of a trainee teacher who picks up a hitchhiker while on a roadtrip.
  • Falling Apart by Jacqueline Wilson | This one looks pretty amazing about a girl who thinks her life is over after her first break-up, she even goes as far as giving all her treasured stuff away to her best friends. I'm sure it'll be hilarious.
Happy Birthday to Me by Brian Rowe | The cover of this novel looks really fun and friendly but a prognosis of aging rapidly while in high school doesn't sound so great, I'm sure it'll be an interesting read.
Delirium #1 by Lauren Oliver | I really enjoyed this novel so I'm glad to now have a hardcover version after trading my original paperback copy.
I Love Cats by Catherine Ledner | I only recently adopted a cat and have found it quite interesting to see how different the two popular species are but dogs will always prevail.
I Love Dogs by Elliott Erwitt | I've always preferred dogs over cats so it was an automatic decision to pick up this cuter than cute book. 
The People Next Door by Christopher Ransom | This one sounds pretty creepy while also being addictive, new neighbours who aren't really human? Hmm, I'll have to avoid reading this one at night, haha!
America Pacifica by Anna North | I've only recently discovered the awesomeness of dystopia so I'm hoping my venture out of YA will be a successful one.
The Midnight Palace (Niebla #2) by Carlos Ruiz Zafon | A pair of sixteen year olds meeting for the first time after being carried under the arms of a man as babies, they'll now be re-introduced to the man who saved them from the mist of Calcutta.
Q: Which pile of books would you most like to devour?

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