5x5 Q's with Kylie from The Talking Teacup!

Welcome to 5x5 Q's, this week we're chatting to Kylie from The Talking Teacup!

The Talking Teacup
Q: When did you start to take your blog seriously? I have been blogging on and off for year but it wasn't until February this year when I decided to buy a domain but I also decided to really work at my blog. I decided I wanted to invest time (and some money if need be) to really make it what I can. I wanted this to be a hobby I could really enjoy and a creation I could be proud of.

Q: When did you go to your first concert/festival? I have two firsts. The first time ever was to see one of my Dad's favourite musician, Graham Connors. I remember thinking it was soo cool to just see this guy sing in real life and he was soo talented.  The second was the first time I went without adults (hardcore I know) hehe. I was 17 and I went to see Good Charlotte live with one of my dear friends (who has sadly passed on now) I remember the two of us just jumping up and down like crazy and we sung loudly, so much so that I lost my voice for a week. I saw GC again a few weeks back, and I made sure to sing extra loudly just for my friend. :P 

Q: When did you get into reading? Since before I could read. I used to love my Mum reading me a bed time story, I even had the material books to take into bed with me and the rubber books to play with in the bath. Books have always been a part of my life. My Dad always said that toys he will sometimes say no to but if I asked for any book what so ever that would be something I would get, and as I look back now I see how much of a gift my parents gave me, always encouraging me to read. 

Q: When will you be famous? I don't think I want fame in the celebrity sense. No I am pretty sure I don't. I like my private life. I would like to think that I will be known as a blogger or reviewer or a great teacher. Actually I want to be famous by my future students, I want them to always look back and remember me... So I guess the answer to when, is in about 10 / 15 years when my very first students leave school and still think of me. 

Q: When... Right now and the future. I want to live for right now and plan for an amazing future. I will admit I am a worry wort who over thinks a lot and so the future to me is oh so scary at times, but I'd like to think (and pray) I have an amazing future a head of me. 

Now, it's Kylie's chance to ask me a few questions... 

Q: What is your oldest memory? I have trouble separating memories that have been shared with me by family members or seen in photographs to what I actually remember but I find it hard to recall much before my primary school years.

Q: Where is your favourite place to read? I mostly read before going to bed although I wish I had an awesome rocking chair or comfy couch to read on, I'm always distracted from the story by an uncomfortable pillow or re-angling my reading light.

Q Favourite chocolate and why? I've never really had a favourite chocolate but this past easter, I bought the Lindt Chocolate Carrots and they're just so delicious.

Q: Who is your hero and why? It's been Hayley Williams for the past couple years, she seems to have such a cool and relaxed personality plus a real understanding of how to properly treat her fanbase that was until recently when her band split up and some details came out that shone a new light on her. I'm unsure as to what's real and what's been made up but I'm still a fan just not as intensely.

Q: What is one of your pet peeves? Something that seems to happen quite a lot is people interrupting me in conversation. They either talk right over the top of me or lose interest altogether. I'm not that boring, am I :)

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