5x5 Q's with Jessica Lawlor!

Welcome to the second edition of 5x5 Q's, this week we're chatting to Jessica Lawlor!

Q: What would you most like to accomplish in the future? 
This question is actually extremely difficult to answer because there are SO many things I'd like to accomplish in the future. For starters, I want to finish writing a novel. And when I'm done writing and editing it, I'd love to see it published. Nothing would be more satisfying than seeing my book on the shelf of a bookstore.

Also, I'd eventually like to do PR for authors, whether that means working for a publisher or starting my own business.

Q: When did you first discover you were a read-a-holic?
From the time I was little, I've always loved reading. My mom always tells the story of my third Christmas. I had a pile of presents to open, and a bin filled with books. Instead of opening the gifts, I sat and flipped through the books all day long. I guess you could say that's when I became a true bookworm. From there, my love of reading intensified. I'd devour books my parents bought me at the bookstore and I'd leave the library with a bag filled with books. 

Q: Any travel destinations you'd love to visit? A fe
w years ago, I studied abroad in Rome, Italy and I'd give anything to go back. During my time abroad, I also traveled to Santorini in Greece and it was literally heaven on earth. I know I've already been to both of these places, but they are my favorite places on earth and I'd love to go back!

Q: How were you introduced to the blogging community? 
Before I started my book blog two years ago, I had been blogging in a personal blog for a few years. I began reviewing books on that blog and realized that other people out there loved books just as much as I did. I decided to start my own book blog, and was amazed when I found an entire community of bookworms like me!

Q: Why do you think you enjoy reading? 
I think the more appropriate question is, what's NOT to enjoy about reading? I love getting completely wrapped up in another world, another place, another relationship. I love putting myself into the shoes of my favorite characters and getting completely lost in their world. It's a great way to unwind and escape from the real world for awhile. Plus, reading gives me so much inspiration! 
Now, it's Jessica's chance to ask me a few questions... 

Q: What's your favorite part of the book blogging community? 
I guess, I've always enjoyed having a place in the world wide web of my own from the days of myspace, msn groups and now Twitter, etc. I've always wanted to start a blog and my blogger account actually began many years ago but i lacked anything really interesting to post so when i stumbled upon this community, i knew it was the perfect setting for me.

Q: What do your friends and family think about your book obsession? 
They actually find it a laughable topic that my bookshelves are now overflowing but they have no problem with them when it comes time to borrow a new book from my DIY library.

3. Do you think reading/writing will be part of your career? 
I was actually checking into the publishing courses available at my local uni but I'm afraid most of them require creative writing skills to attain that entry into the publishing world and I'd pretty much suck at doing anything like that, reviews are enough of a a challenge for me atm.

4. How much time a week do you spend reading/blogging? 
I usually read about one hour a day, sometimes more if the book is really interesting. I've noticed blogging seems to have entirely taken over the time I spend online, I couldn't really put an estimate on it but basically a huge chunk of my spare time. I do try to put reading before blogging and any sort of social activities by reminding myself that I can slot in blogging time almost any part of the day but it seems to win out a lot anyway.

5. Are there any bloggers you admire?? 
 I've got quite a few blogs to thank for introducing me to the blogging community but the #1 blog that I aspire to be like is The Story Siren. I think I could safely TSS is the most successful blog in our little community and if I could trade blogs with anyone it would definitely be Kristi.

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