5x5 Q's with Manda's Movements!

Welcome to 5x5 Q's, this week we're chatting to Amanda from Manda's Movements!
Q: What is your daily life really like? Seeing as most days I spend at work it goes like this. Wake up at 6.30. Get ready. Leave for work. Spend the next half hour singing in my car. Spend 8 1/2 hours listening to people talk about their pets. More singing in car. Dinner. Internet. Read. TV Show. Blog. Then sleep round 11ish.
Q: How will the world end? I'm a firm believer in science so I believe the world will end when the Sun explodes. As for the human race? Zombie apocalypse of course.

Q: When did you go to your first concert/festival? Not sure of my exact first but the first I remember is Big Day Out 2001 with Rammstein and Limp Bizkit. Let's say it began my love of live music.

Q: Why do you think you enjoy reading? My reading habit is purely for escape. Life and all the things that happen in the world is just too much to handle sometimes and I'm all about escaping.

Q: Where would you like to be in 5 years time? Just somewhere that I'm happy. Hopefully I'll have travelled some more, be living in a house that is my own and have only true friends that I can trust.
Now, it's Amanda's chance to ask me a few questions...
Q: Who would you most love to meet? I'd love to have a chat with Hayley Williams from Paramore infact dinner with the whole band would be entirely awesome. It'd also be really cool to run into Max Bemix, Alexa Chung or Jake Gyllenhaal but I'm sure I'd be way too nervous to have any sort-of real convo with those guys.

Q: What is your favourite song right now? I've been listening to Simple Math by Manchestra Orchestra on repeat since I first heard it. It's already taken over the most played tracks on my iTunes, I'm psyched for the new album.

Q: If you could be anywhere in the world, where would it be? I'd love to be in a moshpit for one of my fave bands especially if it was at one of the drool-worthy festivals like Bamboozle, Warped or SXSW. I've only been overseas once and would love to go almost anywhere but at the top of my list would have to be New York, Paris, Rome, London, etc.

Q: Is there a book/series that you're dying to see made into a movie? I'm really enjoying the Pretty Little Liars on TV, also by Sara Shepard, The Lying Game looks amazing but most of all, I'd like to see another Sarah Dessen book turned into a film. 

Q: What's a favourite memory of yours (that you can share)? I'm struggling to pick one that sticks out as most memorable for me but maybe the time I poked my cousin in the eye with a plastic fork?
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