In My Mailbox #53

I've always been a fan of one of America's most popular holiday, Halloween but this year I celebrated Thanksgiving for the very first time coincidentally by having turkey on my lunch just the other day. I'm just kidding of course and unfortunately I've been home all week with crazy neck pain but I still managed to go see the new Harry Potter and purchase a new pair of jeans, a skirt and two pairs of shoes! For more information on the blogospheres obsession with In My Mailbox, check out Kristi's blog The Story Siren.

Justin Bieber: The Fever! | Campaign Ruby
I couldn't resist ordering a copy of THE FEVER and I'm guessing it'll be pretty interesting to see how Justin Bieber started out.  CAMPAIGN RUBY is actually written by the daughter of a recent Aussie ex-prime minister and I hear it holds a little truth into Kevin Rudd's booting from the #1 spot.
Granny's Natural Remedies | Granny's Household Hints
These books aren't usually what I'd go for but they are actually really interesting and informative, I picked up some hints on old wives tales such as never putting new shoes on the table and a few tips on how to deal with migraines. I may give these two away to a friend for Christmas as I know she'll love them.
Q: What do you like the most about the YA Blogging Community?

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