Sugar Free September // Day One

Late last night, I discovered an exciting new challenge on Twitter thanks to Maude Garrett. It's called Sugar Free September and it's all about monitoring your sugar intake for the entire month. I guess I was all pumped at nearing the completion of the ABC Reading Challenge or simply due to the fact that it was nearing midnight but somehow I signed up for the challenge without a second thought.

At first, I was a little worried that their would be very limited food options available and I'd simply end up splurging at the first sign of weakness but it turns out you can qualify for the challenge if you stick to foods with less than 5 grams of sugar per 100 gram serve. This opens up a whole world of opportunity and had me reading the back of labels on almost every product I bought when I ventured out into the supermarket today. 

There are some hardcore peeps out there who are only doing the meat, veg and fruit option but that so isn't me. It's been extremely hard to kick my morning cup of tea with low gi sugar so hopefully I can make it through the entire month without too many dollar coins in the mistake jar!

Sugar Free September is a simple concept that encourages Australians to cut all processed sugar from their diet for one month.  Do something positive for you!

All we’re asking is that for the month of September you check anything that you’re going to eat or drink, for its Sugar levels – if they are any higher than 5% (5g/100g) – you then make the decision not to eat or drink it!

Day One // Sugar Free September
Breakfast - I woke up really keen to get into the first day of the challenge, I was tossing up between eggs or oats for brekky and finally settled on Scrambled Eggs with some tomato but I could've easily used corn instead. I would usually add in some cream and have a piece of toast too but settled for just the eggs until I could do some more research on my pantries sugar levels.

Lunch - I went out with friends in the afternoon and made the mistake of not telling them about my new challenge so I ended up succumbing to take-away food which is probably the worst choice ever! I ended up with three mini-potato cakes, a hot dog in batter and some chips. Urgh, first day in and I already owe a dollar to the jar :S

Snack - I was seriously craving a cup of tea with some sugar at this point, I usually would've had about 2-3 by this point each with a teaspoon of Lo-Gi sugar but instead I had some Banana ice-cream that I made a couple days ago with my brand new Yonanas Machine.

Dinner - I had some leftover Corned Beef Pie in the fridge which luckily fit into the challenge, I think. I also caved and had that cup of tea I so desperately missed.

Daily Sugar-Free Jar Count: $4 Owing

Q: What foods would you find most difficult to avoid during Sugar Free September?

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