Book Review: Vicious Little Darlings

Title: Vicious Little Darlings
Author: Kathering Easer
Genre: YA, Mystery
Released: June 2011
My Review: Vicious Little Darlings is an extremely unique tale of jealousy. I can safely say, I've never read anything like it. There are mentions of a pet baby fawn, nude portraits and so much drama that you'll be in complete disbelief while reading this book.

Early on, I was completely taken aback. Vicious Little Darlings is almost a complete shambles and downright unrealistic but as it sits in the same vein as Pretty Little Liars, you'll find yourself holding your breath until the very last secret is revealed. It was also the perfect way to tide me over until the next season of PLL.

Basically, Sarah has recently transferred to a new school on the other side of the country far from her family. She feels isolated and alone so when an instant bond forms with the school outcasts, Maddy and Agnes, she clings to their friendship and eventually moves into their private accommodation away from the security of her fellow students and teachers.

Sarah finds their antics slightly odd but passes it up as grief and immaturity, it isn't until she finds a Hello Kitty diary full of disturbing diary entries that she starts to take things seriously and finally tries to get the hell out of there!

Yes, Vicious Little Darlings tested my limits to the nth degree but in a roundabout way, I became very invested in this novel. I only wish their had been an improvement to the first half of the novel so it could've be enjoyed by a much wider audience.

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