How Fast Can You Read?

Hmm... Ever wondered whether you're able to read faster than the average person? I've certainly been curious to see whether the amount of books I go through has improved my reading speed so when I spotted the Staples Speed Reader Challenge at Radiant Shadows, I could hardly resist.

It turns out, after three attempts my score is fairly dependent on how interested I am in the text. My score significantly improved when Alice In Wonderland popped up, proving that I should finally make an attempt to read the childhood favourite.

Overall, my score fell just below the average college student. Roughly 279 words per minute and 12% faster than the national average.

What Does This All Mean? I Could Read:
  • Harry Potter in 4 Hours
  • Lord of the Rings in 28 Hours
  • Catch 22 in 10 Hours
  • Nineteen Eighty-Four in 5 Hours
  • The Fountainhead in 18 Hours
  • The Grapes of Wrath in 10 Hours

It also means, I'd be able to read 3 books on a Sony Reader before recharging.
ereader test
Take the test for yourself, then pop back over here to share your score :)

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