5x5 Q's w/ Vanessa & Isalys from Book Soulmates!

Welcome to another edition of 5x5 Q's, this week we're chatting to Vanessa & Isalys from Book Soulmates!

Q: What would you most like to accomplish in the future?
Vanessa: Finishing school and getting my BA...possibly in education or history.
Isalys: Change careers and pursue something in either history or publishing *sigh*

Q: What would you buy with a million dollars? 
Vanessa: First, I'd share it with family and then buy my own house.
Isalys: A private island? Cuz that would be awesome.  If not, then I'd also share it with family and then move to London.

Q: What is your favourite snack food?
Vanessa: Sunflower seeds
Isalys: Goldfish crackers

Q: What is your #1 Guilty Pleasure? 
Vanessa: I'm hooked on the show Gossip Girl...one episode was all it took :)
Isalys: I'm a member of Shoe Dazzle (it's like a shoe club).  Next to books, shoes are my other weakness!

Q: What's on your wish-list?
Vanessa: Divergent, Embrace and Grave Mercy.
Isalys: Insurgent, Shine and Before I Wake.

Now, it's Isalys' & Vanessa's chance to ask me a few questions... 

Q: Name something that always cheers you up when you're down? I really, really wanna say LMFAO but that wouldn't be very accurate. Maybe a combination of chocolate, Gilmore Girls and PJ's?

Q: What scares you? I'm actually creeped out pretty easily, most recently I attempted the skywalk tour at Grand Canyon and was just a little too chicken to walk across the glass bridge walkway but c'mon it's a pretty steep drop!

Q: If you could have ANY car (money no object), which one would you get? I've actually had my eye on a VW Bug for quite some time. Not only are they super cute but they also hold childhood memories of playing Punch Buggy and getting hit in the arm multiple times at random.

Q: What is a food that you cannot live without? Hmm, I think I could get used to not eating almost any particular food after awhile but I would really miss french fries if they became a rarity.

Q: Do you have any blogging pet peeves? Sure, I'm not exactly a fan of filling out those word validation forms when leaving a blog comment. I'm also turned off when a blog has a crowded sidebar or a font that is hard to read.

Be sure to let me know if you'd like to participate in 5x5 Q's!

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