Review: Babe In Boyland

TitleBabe in Boyland
Author: Jody Gehrman
Released: February 17th 2011
Publisher: Dial
Previous Works: Confessions of a Triple Shot Betty

Review: For anyone who saw Amanda Bynes' 2006 movie She's the Man, you can probably skip this book altogether as it runs pretty much in the same vein not to say this wasn't a fun, fast-paced read. 

Natalie is an under-appreciated writer on the school paper who just wants to prove her worth to the student editor and get some answers for the female population of her high school about what really goes on inside boys heads when they say they'll call but never actually do and other questions girls have pondered for years. Natalie takes it one step further than most though by going undercover at the local all-boys school where she is forced to wear a mustache, share a dorm with the irresistible, Emilio and hide in the costume closet for hours on end. 

I really enjoyed the backdrop of high school theatre and of course, there is the regular mention of a great set of best friends and the usual meanie also rears her head quite a few times throughtout the book but what bothered me overall is the fact that Natalie's escapades at the boys school didn't actually result in any real answers and her time spent in the dorms was more about having to face the boys showers in the morning than any actual research into the male population. 

Jody Gehrman's novel has all the elements of a class act but something about it just didn't click with me, it may have to do with the fact that I recently read The Lonely Hearts Club by Elizabeth Eulberg which poses some similarities in my mind and goes above and beyond this book with it's many Beatles references among other things. 


P.S I thought it would be worth mentioning how much I love this book cover!

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