(ARC) Tours: Invisible Things

Invisible Things by Jenny Davidson | In an alternate 1930s Europe, sixteen-year-old Sophie and Mikael, now more than a friend, investigate her parents' death, setting off a chain of events that unravels everything she thought she knew about her family, and involving them in international intrigue and the development of the atomic bomb.

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  1. Gabrielle's Review | NC *Rec'd 9th Nov.
  2. Tara | FL *Rec'd 24th Nov.
  3. Jessi | TX *Rec'd 2nd Dec.
  4. Allison | OK *Awaiting Book
  5. Tara | UT
  6. Brittany | MN
  7. Sarah | MI
  8. Tasha | UK
  9. Paula | NZ
  10. 1 SPOT OPEN
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