In My Mailbox #25

Ever since missing last week's IMM post (the first I've missed in my blogging history) I've entirely lost track of when are where I picked up certain books so this week I'm just going to feature a couple I know I've received fairly recently and by next week I shall have worked it all out.

As soon as I received The Six Rules of Maybe, I started reading it immediately but unfortunately it isn't all it's cracked to be but hopefully the ending turns it around slightly. 

I am extremely excited to get around to reading Forget You, it sounds amazing. And then there is also Fishtailing which I don't really know much about but after a quick flick through I saw that it is written in an alternative format with only a few words written on each page from different characters. I'll have to get reading it to find out what it's really like as their doesn't seem to be many reviews around of it.

Q: What is the next book you are going to buy?

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