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To start off my regular music post, I thought I'd begin by introducing some of my favourite artists and let me tell you... narrowing it down to just this small amount was very hard. Ever since I started reviewing books I've been neglecting my music collection and I'm also feeling a little bit guilty about that.

PARAMORE // Where do I start with Paramore... They are the band that turned it all around for me, I started to feel like there wasn't really a band out there for me. I missed the days of singling along to a song and my voice matching up with female vocals so I actually thought about delving into my old Avril Lavigne CD's then I discovered Paramore, a band that fit perfectly into the pocket of what I was already listening to but who had a female lead singer. A brilliant one at that, I know a lot of attention is focused on Hayley but tbh she is the reason this band is set apart from the rest. Her values, opinion, style... I find myself agreeing with it all. I feel like I really know this band quite well, and that probably comes from the great Australian Paramore forum I visit almost every day.

SAY ANYTHING // So many of my favourite bands admire this guy, Max. The skills simply surpass every band in their genre. He has a loyal stream of followers and I am one of them. It's like a fan of the scene has gone along and taken all the best bits shoved it into a bag and let it explode, I especially love the crowd crafted sing-a-long section of songs.

TEGAN & SARA // This band popped out of nowhere when I was in a bit of a rut, I'd spent a lot of my time getting into the scene and coming out the other end with (some great) but mainly male dominated independent rock bands. Thats just my way of saying, it doesn't matter what you're into if you really give tegan and sara a go, I'm sure you'll like them.

I got into them really, really quickly. It was just after The Con came out and the chance to see them live popped up by chance around the time of my birthday. Let me tell you seeing a band you're just starting to love is a really brilliant idea, I also discovered some songs at the show that I now love to pieces. It's also worth mentioning they are probably the best damn thing I've ever seen live.

I'm so lame but I'm incredibly devoted to this band that I am avoiding the free download links for their new album, Sainthood and waiting until I'm able to purchase it instore. It's actually out now, I just haven't seen it anywhere yet. You don't need to worry about that, they have plenty of previous material that is brilliant, I recommend picking up The Con first.

MOTION CITY SOUNDTRACK // This band has been a grower for me, I'm sure I probably just started out liking one or two MCS songs and as time has passed, I've slowly enjoyed them more and more. I find it incredibly interesting that my all-time fave song, Antonia isn't actually as popular with the fans as it should be.

When I saw them live, I was again surprised but this time by the crowd knowing every single lyric to every single song. I had no idea they had such a strong Australian fan-base. It made me smile extremely wide while also feeling a little bit guilty as I had been listening to this band for quite some time, why wasn't I able to join in?

A few things I noticed while writing this post:
  • Seeing a band live is a crucial part of being a fan (for me) and leaves me to wonder why I have been struggling with the idea of going to shows of late.
  • A lot of my favourites have an album that is about to come out or has just come out recently. And I have just started to actually purchase the CD's; this comes from feeling like I felt my way around the music scene and know what I can rely on to produce an album I will be happy with.
  • I will happily ramble on about my favourite bands for as long as possible.
If you'd like some recommendations or for me to make you a mixtape, hit me up in the comments. What do you think about me making a monthly mixtape and sharing it at this blog, is that legal to do at all? Surely it's just like kids who used to pass tapes along to friends.


  1. Ah concerts - how I do love them. :-)
    I quite like that Say Anything song you posted.

  2. I love Paramore. Hayley is an amazing vocalist. Tegan and Sara are awesome also. Great picks! ;D


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