Waiting on Wednesday #51

Past Perfect
by Leila Sales
Oct 4th 2011 
After watching this one grow a small following on goodreads, I'm very happy to see a slew of highly praising reviews rolling in. I'm pretty sure I'll need to pre-order this one now and who could ignore such an irresistible cover?

Summary: A summer job is exactly the distraction that Chelsea needs in order to finally get over Ezra, the boy who dumped her and broke her heart to pieces just a few weeks before. So when Chelsea's best friend, Fiona, signs them up for roles at Essex Historical Colonial Village, Chelsea doesn't protest too hard, even though it means spending the summer surrounded by drama geeks and history nerds. Chelsea will do anything to forget Ezra. But when Chelsea and Fiona show up for their new jobs, they find out Ezra's working there too. Maybe Chelsea should have known better than to think a historical reenactment village could help her escape her past. ...or will this turn out to be exactly the summer that Chelsea needed, after all?

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