Top Tips for an Overcrowded Reading Stack

I'm pretty sure anyone owning a YA book blog has a bit of an (awesome) addiction and with this comes the wanting of as many amazing books as possible. In the age of the internet and libraries offering many books for free or for a very small reservation fee, it is easy to get overrun with books. Of course it is amazing to receive a package of books you've bought online or received for review but the initial excitement often gets quashed by a feeling of regret when you try to fit the newly received books into your already jam-packed reading shelf.

I am here to help! I know the dilemma of wanting to obtain as many books as possible but when the thought of reading all of those thousands of pages can seem extremely daunting.

STOP! That's right - stop ordering/buying/requesting books for now, you have enough awesome books to get through for the minute and you'll most likely come across a few books you will be quietly surprised by. Set a goal for yourself such as buying one new book for every five books you read off of your shelf.

SORT! It might be a hassle to get all of your books near the computer, but do it. It has helped me a lot to see a clear list of everything I need to read. GoodReads is excellent for this and is an extremely easy website to use. Put all of the books onto one of your goodreads shelves such as Currently Reading or Reading Stack and sort the list by Average Rating and you're sure to get to the best first.

START! Devise a plan to help you get through your most recent read whether it be reading five chapters before you go to bed every night or reading an entire book every weekend.

SHARE! Take a good hard look at the stack, what are you never actually going to get around to reading? Luckily, there are plenty of options for trading or giving away books. Start up a BookMooch account (Warning, you may be tempted to request even more books!), the site is great for sharing books with other readers and you are given points for every book you send off which can be used to order more books.

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