RIP // Lip Piercing

Hi All! Today I'm devoting an entire post to the memory of my lip ring; it has now finally been removed :S After months of job interviews, I've been understandably given a heap of flack for still wearing it and it I guess it's about time to say goodbye!

When I dropped by the piercer to have my lip ring officially removed, I somehow made the decision to forego purchasing one of those little clear/invisible rings and am now stuck with none at all. Reports from the fam state I look much better without it but the juries still out.

We also have the rarity of a double lip piercing which I first spotted on a member of a local band, Avalon Drive and almost ended up getting something similar if I weren't such a chicken. 

I then spent quite a while contemplating the awesomeness of a nose piercing, they somehow manage to be totally badass while also looking slightly pretty depending on the person at hand.

What's the deal with regular book blogs? Do you guys want to hear my ramblings on non-book topics? If you feel like commenting, tell me all about the piercings you currently have, wish you could get or the ones you've also had taken out.

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