May Day Contest Spree

In the past couple of days, I swear I've sent off in excess of 1000 emails. It is all worth it though as I'm putting together an amazing little event.


I have to thank Princess Bookie's blog for sparking the idea in me. I love all the contests she holds but I happened to miss out her contest madness last year. Basically, I'm aiming to hold one contest every day in May and so far it is looking pretty good, I'm about half way there.

Some of the prizes on offer...
A $65 Gift Voucher to Buyster Furniture Store
A Field Guide for Heartbreakers
Della Says: OMG! WTF?
The Snowball Effect
Something Like Fate.
The Unwritten Law

If you'd like to contribute a Young Adult book or some awesome swag, I'm happy to fill a space in the month of May for you.

So all I'm saying is ... GET EXCITED :]
There will be plenty of International contests aswell as a few limited to Australia and US Only.

If anyone has some spare time, I'm looking for some graphics to be made for the event.

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