Review: The Book of Tomorrow

The Book of Tomorrow by Cecelia Ahern
Released: 3rd December 2009
Publisher: HarperCollins

Review: Even though, I rarely venture out of my beloved YA, I can only sing praises for Kristi and her In My Mailbox featurette for introducing me to such an enchanting chick-lit novel of a leather-bound book that holds tales of the future for our protag. 

After a lifetime of never having a care in the world, Tamara Goodwin is forced to readjust to life in the country-side without her father by her side when a worldwide empire is lost and never spoken of again. 

To be expected, Tamara's mother goes into a state of total disrepair which leaves the sixteen-year-old with much distress throughout the novel. Another cause of concern, is the ever so curious character of Aunt Rosaleen who keeps a tight-lip on each and and every little detail, not even allowing Tamara to check the mail or look in a photo album. 

Although, I did enjoy the alternative setting of Ireland, I often found myself skipping paragraphs when it came down to it. The long-winded descriptions of the countryside and its surrounds just weren't for me and are nothing I'd expect from an author as successful as Cecelia Ahern, whose 2004 novel P.S. I Love You was transformed into a film. 

Overall: I feel the key reason I picked up this book wasn't as much of a centrepoint of the novel as I had expected yet I am glad this quirky book found it's way into my hands as it was highly enjoyable with many twists and turns.

Cover: I'm liking the cover, it shows a little bit of the magical side of the book while also being extremely pretty. The folded corner just makes you want to read the book asap, well it did for me anyway.

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