Monthly Movie Madness

Once again, I am prevailing with this movie feature. It seems without Quickflix, I wouldn't be making as many waves with my movie wishlist but we'll have to see how things turn out when my subscription is cancelled in a couple weeks hopefully I have a whole lot of classic xmas movies to share. Until next month, happy movie watching!
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  1. The "Brilliantly Funny" Award
    He's Just Not That Into You. I really wasn't expecting much from this movie but with a huge cast of amazing stars, it's almost impossible not to love.
  2. Most Anticipated
    Coraline. I have wanted to see this movie ever since I heard Hayley Williams ranting about how awesome it was. Unfortunately I didn't really seem to enjoy it as much as I had hoped :S
  3. Fave New Actor
    Victoria Justice
    . I've always held a huge dislike for the Nickelodeon channel star and her tv show, Victorious but for some reason this movie has won me over and I hope to see more of what she's got! Plus Victoria's awesome curls have inspired me to try them out for myself ASAP!
  4. Most Memorable Character
    Remy from Ratatouille. After a particularly bad run-in with a mouse a few months back, it's pretty insane to see this movie on my list of most-liked and I have to put it entirely down to the awesome personality and cooking skills of Remy!
  5. Most Disappointing
    Beastly. Why, oh why were you so terrible. I should've known better after feeling exactly the same way about the book by Alex Flinn but I think I was hoping for the best with Vanessa Hudgens, Mary-Kate Olsen & Alex Pettyfer.
  6. Most Surprising
    The Boy Who Cried Werewolf. I caught this by chance while flicking channels the other day and I'm really glad to have found it! It is definitely one of the better Made for TV Movies, Well Done Nickelodeon :)
  7. Greatest Ending
    August Rush. Although it was incredibly corny, it still managed to bring a tear to the eye :S
  8. Most Worthy of a Rerun
    He's Just Not That Into You. One of the few quality chick-flicks, I'm definitely keen to see this once again.
  9. Best Movie Poster
    Beastly. It works really well and even shows off a bit of the backstory of the film.
    Overall Best & Worst
    He's Just Not That Into You. I think it's a mix of surprise and great storytelling that has made this film a winner for me. If you haven't seen this one yet, probably due to the weakling title, go out and get it anyway :)
    I Don't Know How She Does It. I should deffo pay more attention to the ratings on IMDB, they clearly called it a 4/10 way before I even thought about seeing it at the cinema but for some reason, I went along anyway and ended up mildly disappointed.

Q: What Movies Have You Seen Lately?

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