Poll: Bookstore Tours

Hey Guys! Sorry I haven't been posting much lately, I've been out having a life, oh woops, did you miss that joke, ha! Anyhow, I just wanted to check in while I should be wasting away seconds, minutes + hours on those ever so repetitive memes I seem to love so much for your opinion on bookstore tours.

I was introduced to the idea of venturing out to the bookstores in my local area by Alyson of Kid Lit Frenzy who travelled from Brooklyn to New York recently to hit up a few indie stores and it seemed like a bit of fun, so I thought I might try it out for myself instead of my monthly Book Depository pre-order.

While "researching", I'll be sure to photograph any of the purchases I'm sure to make in the teen aka ya section and give an overall rating to the store because I'm so judge-mental like that.

If you have any tips before I head out on my very first bookstore tour in a few days, please let me know otherwise head over to the poll     on my sidebar to vote                                                                  >>>>>>>>>>

In other news, you'll be glad to hear I have finally given in to my fear of fantasy books and have now added both The Hunger Games and The Wolves of Mercy Falls series to my favourites and am now on the lookout for more of the same :)

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