Review: Twilight by Stephenie Meyer

In a few short years since publication, Stephanie Meyer's debut novel has made major waves around the world. It's safe to say there is hardly anyone out there who hasn't yet been bitten by the Twilight curse in either book or film version but somehow I managed to forego this particular title until I was in need of something to read while on holiday. 

Of course, I was curious when the movie struck Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson into superstardom and I ended up seeing the film two or three times since it's release with altering views each time yet it still remains a mystery to me why this particular book has gained such attention when in comparison to the vast majority of YA available it doesn't seem to really live up to the hype. 

There is always going to be good and bad opinions about a book so deeply set in pop culture history but when it's at such a level you aren't really free to enjoy the title as it was originally intended. I found myself always waiting for the brilliance that made the author millions upon millions to rear it's head but I was ultimately left in confusion. 

For anyone like myself who has had a slight interest in the franchise but never indulged in the book, I suggest going ahead and picking it up at your library. I'm sure the backlog of requests must have died down by now as it's worth the time to simply form your own opinion. And I often found myself comparing certain chapters to scenes from the movie, it was quite a nice change to have the actors playing alongside in my head while reading instead of envisioning them in my own way.


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