In My Mailbox #32

I have a big week ahead planned ahead for my blog, I'll finally have time to catch up on the regular memes we all love to hate. It's about time I brought out Daily Dose from hiding as I've missed, missed, missed my time browsing We Heart It and I'm hoping to share a bit of my favourite music in a feature I promise/d to make regular. Check out Kristi's blog, The Story Siren for more info on In My Mailbox.

I managed to finish this book in only an afternoon and while I'm always pleased to knock another book off my reading stack, in this case I wasn't so happy with the lack of pages in this novella. A girl whose name was kept a mystery from the readers faces a round-about in her town centre that also represents some things going on her life. While I'm eagerly awaiting Sarah Dessen's 2011 novel, I don't recommend this book to even the keenest of fans as the story is really over before it even begins.

Ever felt as if your life is just going round in circles? Sarah Dessen's thought-provoking short story about moving on will resonate with teens everywhere. 

A Pocket Money Puffin for young adults by New York Times #1 author
Infinity by Sarah Dessen is out now!

I don't know much about this book but what I can tell you is it's a young adult thriller that is not based on the movie by the same name starring Emily Browning. If you've noticed, I have a lot of rules inbuilt on what I think I like and dislike to read but I hope to be sweetly surprised this book.

Mimi Shapiro had a disturbing freshman year at NYU, thanks to a foolish affair with a professor who still haunts her caller ID. So when her artist father, Marc, offers the use of his remote Canadian cottage, she’s glad to hop in her Mini Cooper and drive up north. The house is fairy-tale quaint, and the key is hidden right where her dad said it would be, so she’s shocked to fi nd someone already living there — Jay, a young musician, who is equally startled to meet Mimi and immediately accuses her of leaving strange and threatening tokens inside: a dead bird, a snakeskin, a cricket sound track embedded in his latest composition. But Mimi has just arrived, so who is responsible? And more alarmingly, what does the intruder want? Part gripping thriller, part family drama, this fast-paced novel plays out in alternating viewpoints, in a pastoral setting that is evocative and eerie — a mysterious character in its own right.

The Uninvited by Tim Wynne-Jones is out now!

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Q: What is your favourite meal to eat in the current weather you are facing today?
A: It's currently 11°C here which translates to 52°F for most of you guys, I feel like a heap of mashed potato but we're having a Roast with all the trimmings which sounds pretty good too!

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