Top 5 // Essential Tomboy Beauty Products

I admit it, I am a complete tomboy. I practically live in my hoodie and jeans but despite some resistance, I've also found myself using the follow products on a daily basis. And while they are just that, extremely basic, I couldn't imagine my life without them right now.

My Top 5 Beauty Products

  1. Clean & Clear Morning Burst Skin Brightening Scrub @ $12 // I'm yet to find the perfect brand of facial cleanser so I tend to switch between a few different brands depending on price. I have to use this one in the shower as it can get fairly gritty and sometimes the fruitiness is slightly overpowering. Any recommendations on quality brands?
  2. Walgreens Triple Antibiotic Ointment On-The-Go Pump @ $5 // I picked up this antibiotic ointment while on holiday in the US and it works under. We have nothing like it in Australia so I'm trying to use it minimally.
  3. Loreal Youth Code Luminosity Day @ $24 // I paid roughly $10 for the luminosity tub and have almost used it all. It's a perfect light and creamy moisturiser that isn't too oily and goes on easy. After reading the label closer, I can see it's recommended for 30+ but it's suited me fine… maybe next time I'll go for a little bit more age appropriate. 
  4. Dove Moisturizing Body Silk Cream @ $10 // We have a couple of tubs of this stuff in the back of our cupboard, I only recently started using it but it's wonderful stuff for super smooth skin with a bit of shine.
  5. Tresemme Cleanse & Replenish Conditioner @ 10 // I tend to find that other shampoo and conditioner will work wonders on the first use but after awhile leave your hair dry and damaged whether it varies in price/brand so I tend to stick with Tresemme. Despite what my hairdresser recommends, Tresemme keeps my hair knot-free, soft, smooth without being greasy.
Q: What are your favourite products for face, body and hair? Do you tend to stick with one brand or try out a variety?


  1. I'm definitely a big time tomboy (the only time I've ever really worn makeup is for musical theatre performances) so I totally know where you're coming from! I'm not too adventurous with my beauty products but I am a HUGE nail polish addict (I just love all the pretty colors!!! :P) and I love Bath and Body Works body wash and lotions. I really just love nice smelling lotions in general though. Fruit smells are my favorites. As for face washes, I love St. Ives apricot scrub and the green tea scrub. :)

    1. Ah, I'm a HUGE fan of nail polish. I'm currently desperate to find a platinum / silver polish...

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