Just Cruising!

hey guys! over the next couple of days, i'm going to be absent from the blogosphere as i cruise the high seas, yes that's right "i'm on a boat" ha ha. Always the effervescent reader, I've packed two books (Across the Universe + The Lying Game) plus my e-reader but I'm hoping we have such an awesome time that I won't have to resort to the written word even if I'm psyched to read both these books.

I actually have no idea how I'll go on this trip as I've always had a fear of boats even though I'm not the slightest bit scared of water or swimming. It makes no sense to me at all but at least it's canceling out any precipitation I would've held for the plane trip on the way there.

this is how i'm picturing the first night on the ship 

the arc tours will obviously be going on hold for roughly a week and anyone with a book currently in their possession, feel free to contact me for the next address when you're ready so i can reply once i get back. i'll be sure to fill in everyone on what the trip was like with in an obsessive compulsive type post, listing the much finer details so be sure to hit me up with any questions you might have in the comments.

i'd love to hear about anyone else with a fear of boats or any awesome experiences you've had on a cruise. i'll probably check in mid-way through the trip if they have any sort of internet access.

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