Waiting on Wednesday #40

Dead Rules by Randy Russell
June 21st 2011
I don't usually go for the darker novels everybody seems to rave about around here but I seem to have found one that suits me perfectly; hilarity mixed with a "dead school" where Jana professes to kill her boyfriend if he doesn't join her in the afterlife soon. I'm sure laughter will ensure.

Summary from Goodreads: Sometimes falling in love means you have to kill somebody. Jana Webster and Michael Haynes were destined to be together forever. Of that, Jana was sure. But Jana just died—in a bowling accident. And now she’s trapped in Dead School. Jana is certain that it won’t be long before Michael kills himself in order to spend eternity with her—but the days are passing and Michael is, inexplicably, still alive. So Jana decides to take matters into her own hands. And nothing—not even Dead School bad boy Mars Dreamcote’s enticingly warm touch or the devastating secret he holds about her death—will stop her from making her dreams come true. 

Romeo and Juliet meets Heathers in this hilariously macabre take on paranormal romance, packed with heart-stopping suspense and sizzling star-crossed love.

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